Candy for your casa


Our materials are peel and stick for a clean and easy install. No pastes, no glues, no mess to clean up when you’re done.


Our materials can be easily removed, as well as easily installed. Fast and easy to remove without damaging your wall. 

Made to measure

Our wallwraps are made to order. Your wallwrap will be made to fit your space using the least amount of panels. Fewer panels and less waste. 


We care about the environment

Safe for humans and safe for the planet

Casa-Candy’s wallwraps are printed with scratch resistant, water based latex inks, which are friendlier for the planet and healthier for humans. You can feel safe wrapping your nursery with Casa-Candy and you won’t lose sleep thinking about how your decisions impact the environment.


Premium self-adhesive materials that are easy to go up with no mess and no hassle

Casa-Candy’s graphics are printed on premium self-adhesive, removable materials. Easy to go up and easy to come down with no mess and no hassle. You don’t need to worry about messy wallpaper glues and your wall coverings can be removed easily without leaving a mess or damaging your walls. Check out the shop to find the perfect material for your project. We’ll be glad to help if you have any questions or need advice on choosing a material.

You've received your wallwrap, now what?

Step 1

Separate and organize your panels. The panels are labeled with a small number at the top right side to make sure you install each panel where it belongs.

Step 2

Your wallwrap is tiled from left to right. Start by peeling the top 6 inches of panel #1 and align it to the top (the ceiling in most cases) and the left side of your wall.

Step 3

Once the placement of your first panel makes sense, start peeling the back slowly as you glue your paper to the wall with sideway movements and the help of a squeegee (don’t worry, we’ll send you one).

Step 4

Time to get Panel #2 up! On the top right corner of panel #1 you’ll notice a small guide line for aligning the following panel. Align and follow the previous steps!

1. Prepare

  • Remove plug and switch covers
  • Clean the surface and remove any dust and debris

2. Open and sort

  • Open your roll and separate your panels
  • Panels are numbered to make it easy

3. Install

  • Install your panels from left to right
  • Start with panel #1 and repeat until you are done

4. Finish

  • Cut around plugs and switches and reinstall covers
  • Trim any excess material from the edges