Made to measure candy for your casa

Wallpaper made to measure

Made to measure

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper


Wallpaper easy to install

Easy to install

Eco Friendly Wallpaper

Eco friendly

Water based ink wallpaper

Water based ink

Removable Wallpaper




Installing a wallwrap isn’t rocket science. It’s easier and quicker than painting AND you don’t need to worry about spills or clean up when you’re done. If you have 2 hands and something to stand on you can confidently install your own wallwrap without any headaches.


Every wall in your casa is a blank canvas. Stop limiting yourself to paint when you can add life to your walls by wrapping them with unique graphics. Unlike prefabricated rolls, Casa-Candy’s wallwraps are made to measure so there is no wasted material. No cutting, gluing and way less panels to install.

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Casa-Candy’s wallwraps are made to measure. We take the size of your wall and divide your project into the least number of manageable panels as possible. Fewer panels means fewer line ups and fewer line ups means your wallwrap will look better and be easier to install.


1. Measure

Measure the Height and Width of your walls and order what you need. We’ll make sure your wallwrap fits your space so you don't end up with stuff you don't need.


2. Choose your design

Browse our catalog and find what you like best. We’re always working on new designs so make sure you check in often to see what's new.


3. DIY install

Your wallwrap will be made to measure, no cutting or gluing required. It will arrive ready to install, with the tools you need to get it done.